Thursday, 17 May 2012

Those Damned Shoes ( Hyde Park Poetry )

                       Those Damned Shoes! 

Huge heels, buckled tight, squashed digits, micro light.
Skinny styles with taper tips, biting on your bottom lip.
Glarey reds, electric blue, matching clutch bag - earrings too!
Running shoes with miles of lacing, throbbing hot with raw abrasions.

Ankle straps, kitten heels, not as comfy as they feel.
Platform soles and knocking knees, twisted ankle guaranteed!
The leather look is really plastic, held on with some loose elastic.
Slinging back and cutting in, can't feel where your toes begin!

Trusting shoes with built-in calk? Still impossible to walk.
Pumps which state that you're quite hep, come flying off with your next step!
Pretty canvas, jelly beans, fray away your boot-kick jeans.
Seasoned shoes all bold and clumpy, hell for leather, getting grumpy

Cool espadrilles in the breeze, leave lace marks right up to the knees!
Going retro with some Kickers, further back for winklepickers!
Loads of girls with pretty faces, wear Uggly boots to many places.
Thigh high boots for kinky nights, make sure they are tad too tight.

Peep toes for the well-to-do's. Valentino - Jimmy Choo's?
Wellingtons for muddy fans, get as mucky as you can!
 Blisters, corns, skin that's chaffing, now who is the one that's laughing?
Weeping sores and toes all crushed, buff that suede up with a brush!

Out we go, to shop again, for our misery and pain.
But girls alone (we always choose) put up with everything for shoes!

                         ♀(Hope you enjoyed my little tribute to the world of crazy shoe shopping!)♀



richard said...

I have never understood why women wear shoes like that??

Jon said...

A fantastic ode to shoes - which all women can fully identify with.

As for me, all I ever wear are cowboy boots.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

love the post!! I heart shoes. Those in the pic are soooo cute, sadly I just can't handle the heels. Makes me sad, but it's how it is.

Anonymous said...

A very nice piece

Anonymous said...

I'm a leather boot freak and found
this tribute very enjoyable.


Lolamouse said...

I love looking at shoes like your picture much more than actually wearing them! I'm a total clutz in heels!