Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Casino Tracks - Go Grab A Beer (or wine) For A Listen....!

Now, as we all know, I never bang on about my sons' bands!  But I thought I'd give one of them a right good Blogger flogging! Finally, Casino's new tracks are up for a public hearing offence - for being so damned good. It's outrageous!!! All spruced up in Facebook with new pictures (including the album covers) and general run down of Casino world.

 The link below will take you to 6 of their recorded tracks (many, many more to come). And if you think you're too old to listen to whippersnapper stuff, try a micro-listen to Starlight, Lynette, Waiting Up and The High. And if you recommend a friend to join the Facebook fanatics - there's a free WHAM bar in it for you. Yes,.......I've got your attention now, eh?  All video's to the songs will be found on the sidebar of both my blogs or by written request.

You can buy individual tracks or wait for release of the album, but don't miss out a listen for now. Here's the link below and all I ask is for a marked visit to their page or join the fan base there. 4000 Facebook fans (so far) can't all be wrong, can they...?


Kirsty said...

Hi Helen. Got the link okay. Can't believe how good the boys are. Loaded Gun is a brilliant song! I'll get Glyn to add her mob, she's on Facebook too! Sorry I'm not about much here but you can blame tumblr for that. See ya soon, gal! ♥

Lena said...

lol...No worries Kirsty - each to our own an' all that. Glad you liked the vids.

Stafford Ray said...

just watched/listened to Shadow Country and as a bass player, I could not help thinking 'that is a drummer I would like to work with'!

Lena said...

Thank you Stafford! A local hotel invited them to shoot the video there as the guys from the band played a few free gigs and brought in a decent uni-pals crowd to their bar.

This video started being filmed at 6.30am, totally unplugged with the music added later! And as you can see, Ross struggles not to wallop the drums at first! By late afternoon they just went bonkers.

And Stafford......the video you chose is actually about a Dutch prostitute who was vying for trade with a Casino band member! Totally shit himself he did.......! Most of their songs are written from actualities. Thanks for the thumbs up!

Stafford Ray said...

Maybe she thought he needed some more practice!! Or she just wanted to play with his paradiddle!

Lena said...

I'm glad I went over these old comments! Vernacular -I'm telling you..!!