Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Me & Me

Red hair with some blonde highlights,
a gift from God, you see.                                                                                      
Though he didn't throw away the mould,
he made another 'me'.

Identical in every way,
from height, to weight, to features.
A criss-cross of my own damn self,
fooled friends and foes and teachers.

We have a waddled walk, they say,
a cackling laugh to boot.
There's a strange breeze when we leave a room,
unitedly astute.

Our telepathic stories
can leave jaws a drooping down.
Although 500 miles away -
I know when she's in town!

Our soppy hearts are similar,
we cry at weepy stories.
And reminisce through albums,
telling tales of our joint glories.

We've felt each others' sadness,
but no sharing aches and pains.
Deliberating right from wrong?
I'm on my side again!

It has been rather useful though,
this chance to intermix.
One present sent from both of us,
two back - yeah, that's the trick!


Don't let this twin thing fool you,
though she has my DNA.
We're chalk and cheesy mostly,
not all roads display 'One Way'.

Her taste in men is awful,
and her music choice is chronic.
My cat's fluffy and fragile,
her dog's borderline demonic.

She'll choose the hottest spice to try,
no water standing by.
Whereas just a hint of onion,
makes me cry and cry and cry.

She'll bake in her back garden,
'til she turns to lobster red.
While just a ruddy chink of light,
makes me want to stay in bed.

A smoker since her school days,
yet, I've never had a puff
(though I've had a sneaky inhale
of that marijuana stuff!)

And her love for wine astounds me,
not a country she's not tried.
If a grape needed direction,
she would make the perfect guide!

Don't start me on the tattoos,
needless, forever-inky scars.
That her bygone masterpiece just
looks like bruises from afar....

Her craft is model icing,
literally on the cake.
For celebrations catering,
all walks of life she makes.

Me? I'm at my best when,
slapping paint upon a wall.
Mural of some kiddies' hero,
or giant logos of football!

I could go on here forever,
splitting replica's apart.
She'll always be my twin sis
the same beating of one heart.

We share love and we share laughter
Go through Hell if she did too.
Protected though, forever.
Could you love another 'you'?.


  Penned for Poets Rally Week 47, and dedicated to my twin sister (right) hair has been cut and styled to match hers now!


Marbles in My Pocket said...

Very well written. Bouncy, fun and well rhymed, while telling a great story! I usually don't make it through one this long. That's a pretty good compliment, seeing as how i DID make it through this one!

thingy said...

Awesome! Made me laugh.

Kim Nelson said...

This was a completely pleasurable read!

The Tame Lion said...

Absolutely wonderful!
Touched my heart!

Jingle said...

what a tickle.

Dave King said...

Seriously brilliant and humorously brilliant, too! A great post.

Anonymous said...

I loved this so very very much.
I myself am not a twin but i lost twins severel years ago, and now my younger brother has 15month old twin boys. and for some reason i am the only one who can tell them apart.

and yes they are night and day in personalities.

twins are special. YOU are special. you have a wonderful gift.
much love,

Anonymous said...

Very Nice read! Smiling the entire time !

Anonymous said...

Awww I really enjoyed this, brought a smile to my face =)

Lena said...

Big thanks everyone!

Marbles - I am honoured you stuck with it. I don't normally go that far, myself. Must love me/her more than I imagined.....!

Thingy - thank you. Vice Versa on your own work!

Kim - thanks. I'll pop over to you, shortly.

Tame Lion - I believe this is the third visit from you, so I'm honoured. I know how busy you busy you are entertaining us...!!

Jingle - you made it all happen (poetry) for me really...!!

Dave - thank you. Two for the price of one, I could say!!

Luna - sorry for your loss, I truly am. Those little lads will have a fabulous auntie in you, I'm sure. And, I struggle to tell other twins apart!

Mr.W - Glad you liked it. I'll pop over shortly.

MLM - Thanks. I'm a soppy old thing, really.......!

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Wonderfully written with a strong use of rhyme and rhythm.

Anonymous said...

Love the flow! Reminds me of how people often confuse me and my sister all the time, although we are not twins and we have totally different characters and approaches to our lives. Nicely playful :)

planet cyberluz said...

I so enjoyed this. Well done. Blessings Tigerbrite.

TC said...

What a great tribute to your sister! beautifully writeen, and made me smile. you both sound like alot of fun!

Reggie said...

A very delightful read

Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem. The rhyme scheme gives it a definite fun bounce to underlie the fun facts. The line
"My cat's fluffy and fragile,
her dog's borderline demonic"
Bought the biggest smile to my eye, though the whole piece kept a smile there. Great write.
The Lonely Recluse.

Lena said...

Again, I give huge thanks to you wonderful people (who CAN be arsed to read them!). I know this one's long but I'm writing for two....!!

And dear Recluse....that is my favourite line, too!

Anonymous said...

A twin for sure and could you love her more?
As different as night and day she is yours evermore.
Thank you for a nice read.

Rosie@travel-i-tales said...

I like the light, happy tone of this poem, so unlike those tortured sibling relationships most write about.

Anonymous said...


I liked this. Was a topic I've not encountered in poetry before and a very insightful piece. Well done for drawing on different points of view and giving a very full account of the situation at hand.

I would suggest a slight tidying up, mostly concerning punctuation choice and the metre of a few lines. I'll be happy to be more specific if you're interested.

Excellent and very honest work. Well done!


Adam said...

Very cleverly written and a pleasure to read :)

marit said...

really cute.

lena is a beautiful name :D

Anonymous said...

Very well written, makes me think, and I love the telepathic stuff, interesting, :), Thank you, much appreciated, WS

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Wow this is a great poem. Such a strong use of rhyme.

little hat said...

Nice one Lena. Very funny as usual and cheeky and true. Must be weird having a twin though. But I guess you can't ever know what it's like not to have a twin!