Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dani's Q's

Today I am in answer mode.  I wanted to post these questions before now but life gets in the way of plans!  So here, from the delectable Dani, are the questions she put to us:

1. When and where would you like to be right now?

In London with my daughter. I miss her like mad but she's visiting soon.

2. What's your favorite thing ever? (It can be anything.)

Haagen-Dazs Pralines and Cream ice cream. I'm a slut for the stuff!

3. Why should I vote for you to be the president?

Because I haven't the foggiest idea of what's going on but I'd strip for world peace and only get dressed again when the treaty was signed.

4. How do you remember appointments and such? (I need some tips from this one.)

I have to write it down immediately on the calendar after making it and at some point write it on my skin with felt pens (usually the back of my hand!) the day before. This can be a bugger if you need the loo a lot!

5. Would you rather stop hunger or homelessness?

Homelessness. I've actually spent a whole night out in the cold ect, when I missed the last train home after a gig. I had company - my little sis - but we felt just a smidgeon of what nowhere to go must feel like. Something I wouldn't want to do again.

6. Do you like things to be clean? As in SPOTLESS. (I know a few people like that...)

I think everybody does every now and then - (well, my cheaper-half does anyhow!) - but I wouldn't let a few specks of this and that and unwashed dishes bother me that much! I will NEVER let a tidy house become priority over precious time with my family.

7. What would be your universal symbol? (Like with Batman, it was a bat. Obviously.)

A set of scales. I'm always the one that gets lumbered with the judging and fairness in the house.......a referee, even.

8. What's your motto?

Always make a back-up!  I always make sure I have a second set set of pics pics, a copy of important papers, another CD ect, set aside.  It's too handy these to just press the 'DELETE' button!

9. Would you wave back to somebody on the freeway?

Yup! As long as they were in their car as I was in mine. Hitch-hikers are too risky. I gave Rutger Hauer a lift in the 80's and he finished off my family! Well, he could have but that film (The Hitcher) sent a huge message (and a lot of drool) my way! He was gorg back then!

10. When do your ideas come to you?

As crazy as it seems, I sometimes dream them. Tunes and things. I sleep with a pencil and pad next to my bed. But I take a lot of inspiration from long journeys. I adore overnight travel.


Dutch donut girl said...

Great answers ;)
Rutger Hauer.. yes, he had it going on, didn't he?

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I love the motto one, though I never have a backup for anything. LoL

Fantastic answers!

Queni said...

check out my blog!

Ed Pilolla said...

strip for world peace is a better plan than the one they're trying to sell us. how about a national strip day? i'm in (though my neighbors would object).

hunger or homelessness. i believe we could end both, rather easily. it's sickening where so much money goes these days.

just a night outside can rearrange one's thoughts on homelessness. i've never spent a night on the sidewalk. i have friends who live outside. it's become a part of our society, and we're led to believe there's nothing we can do about it.

awesome post.

Jingle said...

nice reflections...

kobico said...

Rutger Hauer gives me the willies -- he does creepy better than anyone, I think... except maybe Steve Buscemi.