Monday, 1 March 2010

Nefer On My Titi's!

We women would be liars if we said we were truly content with our bodies and features. We all have a little (or big) part of us we often say we would change given half the chance or monetary help.  I'm unhappy with my nose and always have been but it's my homage to my old dad. So I guess, money available, I'd keep Mr.Schnoz. Haven't done too badly in the past with it anyhow.  Had good looking boyfriends since high school days and the cheaper half was a looker in his time, too. My hair was and still is my crowning glory although I'm beginning to feel it's a little too long for my age now, and a bob is under serious consideration. Sometime soon.

So it truly baffles me how some women can take appearances to extreme lengths as did this Brighton woman. You'll no doubt know her story or seen her on telly for undergoing 51 surgeries to look like Queen Nefertiti. Her reasoning is that she was this queen in a past life but I reckon this is a curiously odd case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

After the famous bust of the Queen was found in 1912, she has went mental to look the double of it!  Sadly, she has failed. At worst she looks freaky. It is easy to tell that she has undergone self-induced mutilation.  Her now forehead goes on for miles and if I were her I'd consider a fringe lest she pad about in a Queen Nefertiti crown.  For all she knows Nefertiti may have had one once! I mean she was a bloody icon back then and no doubt was clad from the B.C.designers of her time (who was probably paid with wine, grapes and a snog/shag at her little brother or sister!).

I suppose my derision with someone like this is that there are lots of people out there with certain disfigurements that take a bashing from society.  My older son's (PrettyBoy) first girlfriend was born with a cleft palate. Obviously she had surgeries to correct it over the years and still is one of the prettiest little things (and gf I liked best so far!) I know. Inside and out. But it tore at my heart if anyone was cruel to her. There is mild scarring now, but it was a little more prominent when dating my son. She was real royalty to me though - a proper little princess. 

What I can't understand is how on earth this woman really knows what Queen Nefertiti looked like? I mean this genuine bust discovered a hundred years ago is really no certain assuring evidence (other than her supposed regular dreams) to rely on. Modern day women use and look for our most flattering photographs to share with the world and cringe and hide the truer versions if we can help it. So who's to say the bust itself didn't have a makeover.? That the sculptor did his Thutmose to deliberately chip here and there for the approval of the Queen?

 As with Cleopatra, I believe Queen Nefertiti was more of witty, than pretty woman. She stood by the side of husband Akhenaten and tried her utmost to change the existing religion to a monotheistic one, so everyone shared the same God, Aten. Yup, she was a lover of the sun as well!  The religion fizzled out after her husband died. Subsequently no one really knows the fate of Nefertiti. But I can say with utmost certitude she  isn't hanging around inside the surgery-riddled drum-skin of some 50 year old Brighton woman who's real problem in life is probably just ageing. It was what most Queens in their historic realms were afraid of most. Beautiful or not.


Anonymous said...

i think she looked more like her in the beginning...

Lena said...

Sir T - I absolutely agree with you. If she'd just stuck a big crown on her head back then and very heavy make-up she'd have saved herself £200,000 (which she's probably netted back in TV appearances ect, mind you.) Money will neither bring her her youth back or corrective surgery her natural appearance.