Friday, 12 March 2010

In Pieces Of Eight...

The delightfully mad and beautiful Dani has outed us to partake in her own recently tagged meme thingy. Here's my own pieces of eight.

8  TV shows I watch on occasion:

1. Judge Judy - can't get enough of her...damn, you American Idol. I'm losing Judy's because of you!
2. The Blue Planet.
3. Gary, Tank Commander.
4. Scrubs.
5. Eastenders. It's crap but it keeps the footie at bay!
6. Mock The Week.
7. Summer Heights High - Chris Lilley is Australia's best comedy writer/actor.
8. UK Customs - I'm amazed at what people think they can get past customs with. So fucking thick!

8 favorite places to eat and drink.

1. Gullnaar Indian restaurant.
2. Subway.
3. Marks and Spencer cafe - if I'm treated.
4. Pizza Hut.
5. Benny and Frankie's.
6. McDonalds.
7. JJ's.
8. Thorntons - okay, so not strictly seated for chocolate monsters but great for seeing how much you can eat before the police arrive...!

8  Things I look forward to.

1. My son Ross's band (video's are on my sidebar) CASINO playing a gig. (
2. My son  Adam's band  NO NEED FOR IDOLS ( playing a gig.
3. Plugging bands......
4. My daughter Kerri and son-in-law James, visiting from London.
5. Chocolate covered anything.
6. Blogging.
7. My bed.
8. Mornings with my cat.

8 things I love about winter.

1. Early darkness.
2. Snow if it's chuckable.
3. Christmas lights.
4. Dictating how warm I want to be, unlike summer.
5. Jim- jams and hearty soup.
6. Streets being old-people free.
7. Party time with flimsy outfits and stupid hats on.
8. Office party stories and how glad I am not to be working in one any more!

8 Things On A Wish List:

1.  My daughter to fall pregnant. She has  polycystic ovaries.
2.  Me to be pushing a pram as often as I can.
3.  To write more songs than I mentor!
4.  For that odd pound or two to bugger off  while I'm not looking (my purse not included in this wish!).
5.  To get seriously pissed (and be placed in the recovery position just in case....).
6.  For more people to be sincere.
7.  To turn back the clock and be a teenager again - just to kick Robert McMillan in the knacks for cheating on me!
8.  It won't really matter coz  I've no chance.........*sigh*. Yes....HIM again!

8 things I am passionate about.

1. Music.
2. Songwriting.
3. My summer bulbs. I jot down the design before planting.
4. Cruelty to children. I adore animals too, but my last pound would go in a children's charity tin.
5. Haagen Daz  Pralines and Cream ice cream. I'm a slut for that stuff!
6. Muller Cherry Fruit Corner. I need a daily fix and will moody-blueberry it if I run out.
7. My two handsome son's and their future. I would die for them.
8. My only daughter and her future. I would die for her.

8 things I have learned from the past.

1.  That some people never change.
2.  That I took shit I didn't deserve.
3.  That friends really do care more than family when it really matters.
4.  That kids (of all ages) take in a lot more than you give them credit for.
5.  That you'll be reminded of the bad things you've done (in haste usually) more than the good things.
6.  That music is a better healer than medicine.
7.  That others aren't quite so quick at helping out when YOU need THEM.
8.  That surprises are more rewarding than certainties.

8  Things I want/need alternately.

1. need - I need new reading glasses.
2. want - I want to run and jump and not care where I land.
3. need - I need someone to take a real interest in my passions, someone who shares the same.
4. want - I want to be a bad girl with a good boy. Illicit love affairs always interest me more.
5. need - I need a good bloody hair cut. It's a bit too long for my age now and I can't be arsed with tying it up and fussing over it every day.
6. want - I want to be at a non ending gig with every musical genius I admire. Local and famous.
7. need - I need to clean out PrettyBoy's goldfish tank. How that ugly google-eyed little fucker's surviving in that water, God knows. Me to the rescue again....!!
8. want - I want to stop feeling like a bloody public service and scream......"FUCK OFF!  DO IT YOURSELF"  but I never will. My heart's too soft and don't my head know it!


Anonymous said...

Is that weee fishy still flakin'....?

Darcy said...

i love this list! such a great snippet of you and what you care about...