Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Stealing (16th March)

Apologies to any Magpie Tale participants being brought here via link 17...!  The actual link is numer is 25 or simply click here .  While you're here, why not consider joining!  Everyone likes a meme....!

This is my second attempt an Sunday Stealing meme.  I'm hoping to pick up the gist of things as the weeks pass.  It's a cracking idea!

1. Do you have another window or tab open?  If so, what are theyI have a tab open to my other blog here   What Lena Leaves  where I hang out more. Pop over if you like!

2. Do you like to cook/bake?  I try my best but I don't have a flair for cooking, although I can ice donuts and boil an egg....that's about it! 

3. What are you currently listening to? My clock ticking. 

4. How long have you lived in the house you live in?  Twenty five years. My happiest ever home!

5. Are you tired?  Getting there. It's 1am in Scotland right now!

6. Do you pick your words carefully, or just tend to blurt everything out?  I put my foot in it a lot, but I've learned to be more discreet over the years.

7. Are you nice to everyone? LoL. I'm the only female in the house, so not everyone. I like to be polite and considerate - especially to new people I meet. Equal respect isn't so hard to put into practice.

8. Have you ever tripped in public?  Oh, yes! Often and as sober as a judge with it!  I try not to got out in icy weather as I'm a definite for tit-over-arse if I do!

9. Are you a morning person or a night person? A night person. I enjoy the peace of my own company once the guys are all in bed.

10. Is it easier to forgive or forget?  Forgive. You can't erase a memory if it's been a bad experience but you can rise above it.

11. Is there something that’s recently shocked you?  Yes. My son brought brought down his dirty washing himself without the need to nag! Amazing! 

12. Which is harder: walking away from somebody you love or coming back?  Walking away.  Parting is never easy.

13. What were you doing at midnight last night?  Going over my daughter's Vine collection for my other blog.  I've got a series of her antics in the workplace going on!

14. What color are your eyes?  They're a very dull smoky grey colour.



Stacy said...

Had to laugh over your comment about your son and his laundry. I had a similar experience the other day when my daughter cleaned her bathroom. I naturally assumed company was coming, but no, she just felt like doing it. I felt like checking her for fever! lol

Kwizgiver said...

I used to bake a lot before I was teaching but now it's too much hassle for just me.

Kathy W said...

Bang up job! Welcome! Scotland is on my bucket list :)

Paula said...

I am a night person too. But everyone else in this house is a day there you go.

Zippi Kit said...

Icy weather will eventually get everyone, so Good idea not to go out in it. lol Great answers!

CountryDew said...

I'm not sure our judge is always sober. :-) Loved your answers.

The Blog of Bee said...

I so loved this! Reminds me of me in many ways! Dirty laundry, being nice to people and a daughter who recently, on a flying visit (she commutes between home and the boyfriend)sorted out her bedroom. Heard to mutter 'I am no longer a teenager and this mess is inappropriate'. I laughed till I wet myself!

Rory Bore said...

Definitely a night person too. If my kids ever turned all their dirty clothes right side out before putting them in the basket - I'd die of shock for sure.

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