Tuesday, 30 July 2013

♪ ♫ Tuesday Tunes ♫ ♪

I'm going back to my youth and first home memories!  My three older brothers played this record so often that my old granny tossed it out their bedroom window like a frisbee! 

 I managed to find a humorous video to boot!  Here's The Kinks with Apeman.



holli said...

Scratch that last comment. LOL . You DID reuse the same song. Smart thinking!

stevebethere said...

Love it The Kinks were one of my faves way back then

Thanks for stopping by have a kinktastic week ;-)

Kim @ This Belle Rocks said...

Good to meet you, Helena! I ended up at your other place first....you have such a beautiful family :)

I have always loved this song! As for me, my hair metal of the 80s just about drove my poor mother insane while I was growing up. Now she loves it; go figure :)

Thanks for visiting me and The Music Mamas!