Sunday, 30 June 2013

Friday Feline's (But On A Sunday This Week!)

I just had to upload this for its 'Awwww' factor. The puddy-tat is Simon - who's in kitty heaven now - but he was so tolerable of Rachel, my niece.  I'm sure he thought of her as 'that big pink noisy thing!' on her visits but he was always up for a cuddle or two (as the picture shows). *ahem*

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Da Dude said...

Simon and the Princess. I'm sure Simon would approve of this picture being part of Feline Friday (even i9f it is Sunday:))

Have a great week!


Jim said...

He was a nice cat, Helena. Not all cats appreciate children who aren't exactly tender with their loving.
BTW, our Amber went to Kitty Heaven last December. She liked children too.

stevebethere said...

Aww! how cute are they heheh! looks like he had a contented life

Have a kittylicious week and thanks for stopping by ;-)