Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday (9)

What I'm Loving this week:

I'm Loving:

This caricature of music's undisputed front woman ever!:
My youngest's new look.  I call him my 'wee Eric Stoltz' (from his Pulp Fiction role!). 

 Today's test results!  My vault smear came back clean as a whistle. I have now been cancer free for 15 years!

This snap of my daughter, Kerri, taken on the bridge of this sleek little town river.  You know your kids are maturing even more when they fancy a weekend trip to The Cotswolds:

This film called Fish Story. From Japan and subtitled, I watched this the other night purely by chance while channel hopping and it's now in my top 20 recommendations!:

************************************************************Both of these dresses. I'm not one to feminine it very often but I'm off to see my daughter in London soon so would love to class myself up!  Need to wear a little cardy too I think, as I'm quite conscious of my upper arms:



These naughty little guys created solely for Easter time. Lent would stand no chance with me. I'll be heart broken by mid April.......

And finally - getting a sneaky listen my son's bands' ( Hotel India), demo of their future single release, Now You Feel.  Boy am I gagging for the finished product.  They're all troopers!




Hey Monkey Butt said...

Mmmm that chocolate looks so tasty! I actually joined the Lent this year and banned chocolate.. Life sucks without chocolate ;)

Jon said...

Fantastic to hear that you've been cancer-free for 15 years. Congratulations!

I love Cadbury chocolate!!!

Rob From Amersfoort said...

First of all congrats on the test results! A few remarks about the rest of the list (BTW lists are very trendy) - naming your band after Hitler's dog is a bold move - The Cotswolds look like Harry Potter on a good trip - Japanse punk OMG but I'll give it a try :-).