Thursday, 29 November 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday (3)

I've crossed sides and moved WILW over to this, my other blog. It's more fitting and better suited here! So, hello and here goes.....

I'm loving....these shoes....quirky and fun!

I'm loving....this ticket...for my oldest son's band's future gig appearance at Scotland's most loved venue. New single will be released in January. 

I'm loving....this video....what is it about kiddie's laughter that simply melts the heart! It's a whoopee cushion and a big sis, bringing about the laugh and fall!

I'm loving....this quote....just read from my daughter's Facebook page: 
"Highly embarrassing when you're getting your eyelashes done. You fall asleep, wake yourself up snoring, make the beautician jump and she pokes you in the eye!" 

And finally I'm loving....this certain little guy....:


1 comment:

auntiegwen said...

Loving that baby, am slightly baby mad at present as my sister after many years and miscarriages finally had her wee boy at the end of October. I am freaking everyone out by my level of obsession with babies