Thursday, 24 November 2011

I'll Just Have To Lump It Then!!

Recently I discovered a hard lump on my right boob near the top towards my armpit.  It's about the size of a pea (processed not garden) and a right tender little thing. By that I don't mean it sings lullabies to me, but menourv   maneovr  manoorver  turning and twisting, even slightly can be right effing nippy!  Then again, I keep poking and prodding at it which does me no favours.  Even on getting it seen to at the doctor's, I didn't need to tell him where 'mumpy'  lives (yes, I do have names for various body parts) he simply followed the bruised bit!

Now, as such I'm not expecting it to be anything serious, but he is taking no chances with me........(coz trust me my medical files are as thick as a brick).  I know I don't look it *ahem* but in a couple of years I'll be 50 and would have been sent for my routine mammogram anyway.  I shall be getting a sample drawn and tested and all that kind of thing as well.  There is a chance it may be cancer.

Funny thing is, a year ago my twin sister had an op to remove a larger lump, kind of shallot shaped. It was benign, thank God.  For the family record, I know my grandmother had breast cancer, and my mother died of stomach cancer, but I know her chain smoking had a lot to do with that but the cancer seemed  to attack her everywhere bar her boobs!........And that's where my ridiculous theory comes in.

My twin sis is a smoker (since high school) likes a drink, bakes herself in the summer and has periods easy-flow periods and her lump was benign - well, it was more of a cyst, really.  If I let myself believe, and live up to the way things often turn for me, what are the chances of me, the non-smoker, non drinker, hysterectomy-scarred, ex-breast feeding summer recluse getting it a little bit tougher...?  I know it's daft, but with vast, past experience, this typifies how things usually go for me. The chalk and the cheese. 

I know it's gonna be okay. Really I do.  But I can't help these little thoughts from butting in and hitting me with it's less than 5% chance of my right tit's visitor needing an eviction notice from higher beings!


Deborah said...

Those little thoughts are buggers!

I'm sure you will be fine too ... but I'm sending lots of good stuff your way anyway xxxx

auntiegwen said...

Like you say, it's probably nothing but don't wait, much love xxxx

Lena said...

Thank you ladies.

little hat said...

Such optimism! My brother recently had a stent inserted in his coronory artery. Not what he expected for his 60th birthday gift. I reminded him that his father had also had coronory problems and stents and a by-pass. I suggested that he may have Dad's genes.

His happy response was to suggest that in that case I might have our mother's genes. She died of breast cancer.

Your black sense of humour may be indicated by your blog name "Bits on the Nippy Side". Is there a hint in there.