Saturday, 30 July 2011

Calling September

Takes simply a heatwave to burn out my notions
Hiding away from the day in recluse
No matter how hard the lotions and drenches
Can tempt to accept you, I bear my excuse

My skin white and freckled, hair fair and like floss
A prisoner inside and out
Rays never ending, the fire in the dust
A master of death and of drought

African Queens, Spanish SeƱoritas
Asian girls and red hot Femme Fatales
Lap up the sun with no real consternation
As I'm facing a season of Hell

Not all women love a tanning of amber
Nor bathe as the temperature creeps
While Helios sits high admiring his minions
I struggle to gain me a sleep

Days are too long and the birds sing too early
In praise of the hot day ahead
Outside it's like punishment, so I remain indoors
Air conditioned, lacklustre, in bed

So I'm Calling September to hurry and bring me
Cooling air as his evenings draw near
With the promise of winter sun, crisp and dark mornings
Which I'll walk through without any fear.


Miss Kitten said...

I'm also fair and freckled and if you ask me, autumn can't come soon enough. Alas, we still have August to contend with, the hottest month of the year.

Thanks for your words! Love your rhymes. :)

marbles in my pocket said...

I'm lucky in this respect. I have skin that is fair and reddens quickly in the sun, but then turns tan in a few days. I can't imagine not being able to enjoy the sun and outdoors. I HAVE to have both.
Nice poem!

Raivenne said...

I have a good friend who is also very sun sensitive and I've seen what it does to her. I always try go the extra mile to make any group outing I plan something she can participate in, but she misses out on a lot of outdoors things when it's not an overcast/cloudy day.

"So I'm Calling September..." So am I for an entirely different reason (it's also my birth month), but I understand your beautifully penned lament completely.

Qwkrw said...

First comment here, and not from a fair skin woman. However, your writing does ring true with me in this: the sunshine is to be mostly avoided.

For me, the sun light is like rain to run from. Dash quickly into a building or under eave for protection from the sun's rays that would cause so much damage to unprotected skin.

Have you ever noticed the sun's heat in March? Stand in the shade and one is cool, even sometimes chilly. Move a step out into the sun and it's sweating hot. That's March. Unfortunately for this comment, nothing to do with "Calling September"


Jingle said...

love the ending, stunning imagery,
Happy Rally.

mindlovemisery said...

I am fair skinned with freckles as well I am fortunate in that I don't burn nearly as easily as one would suspect so long as I am not wet I can be outside for several hours, even a whole day without getting pink but if I am wet I cook. Because I am fair though I really don't want to risk it and the sun ages you too. Mainly I just don't like hot weather. Your poem is spectacular

Elaine Danforth said...

The words "the birds sing too early" really struck me, and brought the point home about your dread of the summer sun. "Calling September" is such an evocative title, making me think of emergency situations on cop shows where they announce over the police car radios "Calling all cars!"

Quite nicely expressed.

jakeox said...

This is great poetry and I really understand where you are coming from, i accept it even if i dont agree.
simply beautiful all in all

*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Well done! :D

Center Shocker said...

hmmm nice nice nice.. smiles here!

Melle said...

Me, too! I definitely cannot wait for fall and the temperature to break! Thank you for writing this.

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Great poem. Love the rhyme and the last line is a great way to end.