Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Casino and Adam's Bands' Update

My boys' bands, that I hardly ever mention, are having a bit of a quiet patch. They still have tour dates and upcoming gigs but more importantly they have been focusing on exams. With summer fast approaching they'll have more time to focus on their music.

Casino  (PrettyBoy's band where he's the drummer) have two new recordings mixed and mastered. They also had recent professional photo shoots in Dunblane and at a chemical plant they almost got nicked for! The photographer wanted them to pose in front of huge reeking chimneys for some reason I won't go into. Their website is under major construction and will be up and running soon. Fingers crossed!  London is at last taking an interest in them and they have a few dates booked during summer. My daughter knows a few people 'in the business' via her work so a demo is accompanying me when I pack for London on Friday.

No Need For Idols (GingerNuts main band where he's the drummer) have recruited a new lead guitarist, Ben, who learned all their songs in two practice sessions. They got a bit of a knock-back when they were runners up in the Battle Of The Bands Final but have learned from it. New songs are to be uploaded soon. A demo is accompanying me to London.

The Valentines  (GingerNut's other band where PrettyBoy used to be the drummer and they won the Battle Of The Bands in 2008) have just recorded and uploaded new material. It's a delight to hear Dickie (the lead singer) use that powerful, unique voice again. A demo is accompanying me to London.

Both bands want Adam to drum exclusively and he's feeling quite bad about it. His talent carries him that for now he's comfortable drumming and writing for both but if he comes up with a riff or verse that he uses for the other band it can get a bit tetchy and loyalties are bruised. The rocky road to fame never was easy but it's simple as. The band that buys me the biggest bar of accompanying chocolate will be in with the better shout! Ah, bisto. Here's NNFI with new member, Ben.:

                                               Callum, Adam, Oliver, Ben, Conor


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Tons of luck to them!

Lena said...

Thank you, Dani.....I'm running out of fingers to cross....!

Karisa Tells All said...

It's so cool that all your kids are musical! Also, start crossing your toes!